Communication Through Illustration Project

Communication Through Illustration ProjectInteractive illustrations in communication of key health concepts and interventions.

Working with our physicians, illustrator Doug Dworkin is developing interactive drawing tools to be used by children and adults.

This tool will be utilized

In initial testing, the interactive and fun nature of these presentations allow participants to feel more comfortable and open than they would during a typical question and answer process. 

This illustrative process is not aimed at correcting concepts which are different than the Western medical perspective, but will simply allow for communication of existing understandings so that health improvement measures can be better integrated, where appropriate.

We will begin with a drawing demonstration focusing on a topic, such as diarrhea, wherein community members tell the story of what this is, how it is contracted and how it is best relieved or treated. Mr. Dworkin will illustrate concepts as they are contributed, and community members may also interact with the drawing, making corrections to the illustration as it is created.

Illustration sessions will be tested in school and village settings in Bhutan. This technique may become a key tool in the process of understanding existing health concepts in communities in need. Based on the Bhutan experience, we plan to create a set of starter illustrations which can be broadly used in development of health improvement initiatives. Once completed, started illustrations will be made available to donor organizations and health providers worldwide.