Associate Projects

Associate ProjectsThese are samples of past projects conducted by GHRF members before joining together to create our foundation. 

They reflect the diverse experience in global and international health brought by our members to each new project.   


Detection of causative pathogens in potentially fatal infantile diarrhea in rural areas.   
Collaboration with clinics in rural mexico to determine which pathogens are most prevalent in infants with gastroenteritis, with the ultimate goal of elucidating transmission pathways and targeting interventions and treatment. (1993)

Logan L, Weirich E, Maldonado Y. Lack of detection of Rotavirus and Adenovirus types 40 and 41 in young infants in a rural Mexican village, Interscience Conference of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy October 1993


Prevalence of Type 2 Herpes (HSV-2) in women in Chiapas Mexico
In rural villages, access to medical facilities may be limited, and causative factors in infant mortality are not always clear.  It was not clear whether mother-to-child transmission of HSV-2 played a role the high rate of perinatal infant death.  This study was the first step, examining prevalence of the virus in the maternal population. (1993)

Chymz M, Gadge J, Weirich E, Maldonado Y. Seroprevalence of HSV-2 in women in Chiapas, Mexico, Western Society for Pediatric Research Annual Conference, February 1993


Maternal and Child Health, Aga Khan Health Service, Northern Pakistan
• Internship with the Aga Khan Health Service, Northern Pakistan
• Participation in Community Health Worker (CHW) and Traditional Birth Attendent (TBA) trainings
• Review of village morbidity and mortality data, targeting outbreaks of illness, death and disease

Weirich, E. Maternal and Child Health Services in Northwest Frontier Provinces, Pakistan. Report of Solter Internship in Maternal and Child Health, September 1991

Papua New Guinea

Research: Pediatric Gastroenterology, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
• Introduced novel cold-water soluble ORS to PNG Department of Health
• Description—Designed and implemented 3 rice oral rehydration acceptability and efficacy trials
• Outcome—Provided foundation research for the WHO’s Rice-based ORS project, with PNG now the pilot country prior to worldwide distribution of this Rice ORS

Todaro (Thanassi) W, Wall C, Edwards K, Cleghorn G. Acceptability of a Rice-based Oral Rehydration Solution in Port Moresby General Hospital Children's Emergency Department. Papua New Guinea Medical Journal,  Vol. 38 (4), 278-83. December 1995.

Wall C, Todaro (Thanassi) W, Edwards K, Cleghorn G. A 3-hour Quantitative Comparison of Glucose versus Rice-based Oral Rehydration Solution Intake by Children with Diarrhoea in Port Moresby General Hospital. Papua New Guinea Medical Journal,  Vol. 38 (4), 284-6. December 1995.

Republic of Georgia

Improving and expanding Reproductive Health Access in Tbilisi, Georgia
At the time this study was undertaken, abortion was the only widely available means of contraception, with an average 12 abortions per woman by age 28.   As access to medication and supplies fell in response to political unrest, maternal mortality began rising at an alarming rate.  Contraceptive alternatives were mistrusted or not widely available.  The goal of this initiative was determine how  to increase available alternatives, expanding options with methods acceptable to the population. (1993)

Weirich E, Ballagh SA. Reproductive Health in Tbilisi, Georgia: a 1993 Survey 1994 World Health Organization Compendium on Reproductive Health

South Africa

• Impact of HIV on admission death rates in a Tuberculosis Hospital in South Africa (2003)

• Mortality Predictors for Tuberculosis (2000)

Thanassi W, Post FA, Shean K, Bekker LG, Maartens G. Impact of HIV on Admissions and Deaths in a Tuberculosis Hospital- Recommendations for Admission and Discharge Criteria. South African Medical Journal, Vol. 93 (6), 463-4. June 2003.

Clinical: Jooste Hospital Casualty (Emergency) Department, Cape Town (2007)
Dr. Thanassi rounded in multiple emergency departments, and is currently participating in the establishment of the first Emergency Medicine as a training program in Africa


Diagnosis in maternal/child health clinic for Cambodian, Lao, Hilltribe and Vietnamese refugees

Todaro (Thanassi) et al. Diagnosis in maternal/child health care clinic for Cambodian, Lao, Hilltribe and Vietnamese refugees. American Refugee Committee, Phanat Nikhom, Thailand 1990

United Kingdom

Refugee health and welfare in London, England
In London, much of the refugee population resides in a particular area of the city, often in severely overcrowded conditions.  Government support, in the form of housing, income support, education and medical care through the National Health Service is available to this population.  However, a multitude of barriers, including language, mistrust of authorities, and complicated application procedures prevent many asylum seekers from accessing these services.  High rates of communicable disease, including tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis compound the physical and psychological hardship of flight and resettlement, producing a pocket of high morbidity and mortality, in stark contrast to the general population.  The goal of this study was to evaluate the barriers to access facing this population, to help target interventions. (1992)

 Weirich, E.  Refugee Health, Welfare and Access to Services in Central London.  Report to Brunel University and funding organization, Rotary International, August 1992

United States

Surveillance and Detection of Newborn Infection

Weirich E, Rabin R, Benitz B, Maldonado Y, Herzenberg L. Neutrophil CD11b expression as a diagnostic marker for early-onset neonatal infection. Journal of Pediatrics March 1998 132 (3)

United States

Lyme disease and the emerging role of vaccination, Implementation Lyme Disease vaccination

Thanassi WT and Schoen RT. Lyme Disease Vaccine: Conception, Development and Implementation. Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 132 (8), 661-68.  April 18, 2000.

Thanassi WT and Schoen R. Lyme Disease and the Emerging Role of Vaccination. Vaccines, Children and Practice, Vol. 2 (2), 26-9. December 1999.

Thanassi WT and Schoen R. Lyme Disease Vaccine, The Medical Letter, Vol. 41 (1049) March 26, 1999.

United States

Epidemiology of Acute Gastroenteritis

Simard E, Marcus R, Thanassi M, Mascia R, Thanassi W, Monroe S, Bresee J. Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE): An Analysis of the Etiology and Epidemiologic Features. Academic Emergency Medicine, Vol. 7 (5), 579. May 2000.